Multi-Functional Devices (MFDs) on Campus

This site is designed to assist you in implementing the new Multi-Functional Device (MFD) from Toshiba / OE Canada in your area in the most seamless way possible. Extra resources are in place for this upcoming implementation.  An WTS On-site member and an OE Canada Trainer will both be present the day of deployment.  These people are there to ensure connectivity and to assist you with becoming familiar with the new console. Additional training to utilize the advanced features may also be booked for a future date (to commence after the deployment of the MFDs is complete).

These devices have many of the same aspects as the previous MFDs ranging from simple copy to scanning to a network folder. If you currently use any or all of these features, you should find the console is similar and user friendly. The OE Canada Trainer will ensure that you can successfully use/test each feature your area relies on for daily business use. The current MFD image, including department codes, will be transferred to the new model for you the day of deployment. 

PLEASE NOTE: Any data stored locally (on the internal hard drive) on your MFD will  NOT be transferred to the NEW MFD.  It is highly recommended you print and/or export any logs or usage reports (especially related to the use of department codes) prior to the deployment of your new Toshiba model.

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