On-site Technology Support

The On-site Technology Support Team is responsible for providing a broad range of 1st and 2nd level technical support to Western faculties and support units.

The team's key goals are to provide:

  • Ongoing and timely technical support for WTS services to clients either by phone, email, Jira tickets or in-person
  • Timely technical support for client desktops, software and business technical devices
  • Advice to supported faculties and support unit’s for technology direction and acquisitions
  • User technical documentation

Technical assistance and consulting is available, for a fee, from the On-site Technology Support Team on a range of computer and network platforms on an "as needed" or "on demand" basis.

We also can provide "dedicated support",  a predefined level of staffing to help the customer manage their computing and networking facilities at a considerable discount to the "as needed" or "on demand" service offerings. 

Through the Dedicated Support arrangement, we customize the services provided to fit the customer's needs, according to the customer's priorities. The Dedicated Support service (available at up to a 40% lower cost than our "Time and Materials" rate) is available to areas that require a significant amount of technical assistance. We will dedicate a percentage of a technical support person's time to be working on-site in the client's area. This committed amount will be evaluated on a regular basis to determine the correct level of support needed. A minimum of 1 month commitment required.

For more information and rates please see https://wts.uwo.ca/services_document/index.html.


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