WTS Services Document

This site outlines the services that Western Technology Services (WTS) provides the Western University community.  It contains many of the principles under which both the billable and non-billable services are provided, enabling customers to choose the most appropriate offerings from several families of service.  WTS publishes its service offerings to provide guidance to the Western community to help customers plan and manage their computing and telecommunications needs.

This Services Document is organized into four main sections:

  1. Pre-planned computer support service relationships, defined through an WTS Service Agreement;
  2. Billable WTS computer support services, available on an "as needed" basis;
  3. Billable WTS Telecommunications Services;
  4. WTS Services (non-billable).

WTS pricing is generally organized into two categories:

  1. "Internal" pricing for Western's Faculties and Units
  2. "Affiliate" pricing for formally affiliated organizations, or for services provided to Western's faculty, staff, or students for personal equipement

All pricing shown in this document is for Internal customers unless otherwise noted.

WTS Support Commitment Services

WTS offers a variety of services to customers through several operating units, with operating hours attuned to the needs of each environment.  Normal operating hours are described with the services as applicable.

Beyond normal working hours, WTS extends its best efforts to keep the Campus Backbone network and the central network services* operating 7 days per week, 24 hours per day for use by faculty, staff, and students.

*The central network services include: Backbone network operation, Domain Name Services, DHCP, LDAP-based Directory services, Internet access, voice services, e-mail, Western Web space, central file and print services, and OWL Learning Management System and Cascade Web Content Management services.

Evening and Weekend Assistance (for billable WTS services)

If assistance is needed outside of the normal service hours, it can be arranged by requesting and scheduling work in advance or by requesting a "Call out" list to be created of specialists that will be contacted to deal with emergencies.  Time worked outside of regular hours will be charged at 1 1/2 times the normal "Time and Materials" service rate.  If the problem can be dealt with by the WTS support person from their home, there will be a minimum of one hour charged at the increased rate.  If the support person must come to campus to solve the problem, then there will be a minimum of three hours charged at the increased rate.

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