Conference Phones

WTS does not coordinate the purchase of conference phone units.  If you wish to purchase a conference phone please communicate directly with the vendor for a quote.  Some possible vendors are:

Anixter Canada – Danielle Derbyshire

Stronghold Services (formly Bolen) – Bob Cummings


Purchase of these conference phones does in itself provide conference capability.   In order to conference multiple participants, it is necessary to also arrange for an audio conference service.

Recommended Conference Phone  (VOIP)

Polycom® SoundStation® IP 6000 – Next Generation IP Conference Phone
Polycom® SoundStation® IP 7000 – VoIP Conference Phone

  • IP Conference speaker phones.
  • Both models have been tested successfully on the Western Network.
  • Once a conferencing phone has been purchased, initial setup will be required by WTS to update firmware and configure for the Western environment. The initial setup can take up to two business days. Contact the Helpdesk to schedule the setup.
  • The conferencing phone can be moved to any location on campus that has an active network connection.
  • Units can be provisioned with additional microphones for larger rooms.

Additional information on phone features can be found on the Polycom website (

Analog Conference Phones

  • If a department has an analog phone line, any analog conference phone will function on that line extension
  • No configuration by WTS is required

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