Applications Development Team

The Applications Development Team is a team within the Customer Support portfolio of WTS. We deliver software solutions, services and resources to support Western students, faculty and staff. Our vision: We will design, develop and integrate quality enterprise software solutions which focus on enabling Western's strategic priorities.

ADT is primarily a Java shop, focusing on web applications. The team is contracted by WTS and other Western clients to design, build and implement customized applications that meet the varied requirements of the client. For more information, see our Projects page.

Our Values:

  • Efficient, clean and secure code, which is standardized across applications, documented and maintainable.
  • Secure and accessible applications that provide a rich, modern user experience.
  • Commitment to customer needs and project deadlines.
  • Open, clear and timely communication with all.
  • Access to resources for continuous learning.
  • A professional, respectful work environment that encourages creativity, sharing and support for all.
  • Stable, predictable and high performing infrastructure platforms for build and delivery of solutions.
  • A continuous improvement and DevOps culture and goals.
  • ADT expertise and experience.

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