ADT designs, develops, and integrates software solutions that address the strategic priorities of Western.

Requesting a Project

Criteria for ADT Involvement

  • ADT develops applications for Western or affiliated University College members only.
  • For customers outside of WTS, we focus on projects that impact a large number of the constituents and address the university's stategic needs.
  • We do not work on projects that manage central academic, financial or HR data. These requests should be put through their respective business units.
  • We prefer not to reinvent the wheel. If we are aware of a 3rd party application that achieves the desired business goal we will encourage you to investigate as the first option.

Other Development Options

Request a Project

If you would like to request that ADT takes on a project of yours please fill out the Project Request Form and we will be in touch to review.

Development Standards

In order to bring continuous improvement to the applications we deliver ADT asks customers to review and agree to certain standards that will be implemented in the project. For further information, please read more in our Development Standards page.

Customer Engagement

A successful project requires engagement of both ADT and the customer. For further information, please read more in our Customer Engagement page.

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