Currently Installed Software in the Labs

WTS maintains a base set of software in the Genlabs, plus some software that is available in only certain labs, and some software that is available for specific courses.  Sometimes software is moved from/to different labs, depending on course needs.

Base software

Note that there are many utilities offered that are not listed here, including web browsers, plugins, and software for specific courses.

  • Acrobat Reader
  • Maple
  • Matlab
  • MS Office 2016 Pro
  • SciFinder Scholar
  • SPSS
  • GIMP
  • VMWare Horizon View Client for connections to MyVlab
  • Windows 10 LTSB

Software available in MyVlab:

Requests for 'Other' Software:

If you require 'other' software installed in a lab, please contact the GenLab Administrators by submitting a ticket to our Service Desk  at

Please note: Purchasing and all license costs associated with the software, is the responsibility of your department. We will require the original media in order to install the software and please plan for a 2 week turn-around time for us to install the software.

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