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What is Solstice?

Solstice provides the ability to present content on your workstation or mobile device wirelessly to a group of participants. Multiple participants can instantly connect, share desktops with audio, application windows, videos, images and mirror mobile device screens to the display. As long as the device has a WiFi connection, you can wirelessly project the screen of your workstation or mobile device to a central meeting or lecture screen. Sources are automatically tiled onto the screen for side-by-side viewing or can be positioned and scaled into any custom layout.

Key Features:

  • multi-user, multi-source wireless collaboration
  • mirroring support for Android and iOS mobile devices
  • display-side control of shared media
  • synchronous desktop audio streaming
  • live stream desktops with synchronous audio, app windows, web content, video files, images and more
  • drag-and-drop control supports moving media in/out of view, layout arrangement, and full screen viewing of any source
  • moderation mode supports live preview and control of media posts before they appear on the Solstice Display

Published on  and maintained in Cascade.