Webinar Tools

For broadcast-type sessions where there are larger number of participants and which require less interaction (especially for audio & video) between the host and the participants, who are mostly viewing the session, Zoom Webinars and Microsoft Teams Live Events are good options. The section below provides a high-level overview of each of these tools and their features.

Tool Comparison Table

Disclaimer: These tools are cloud-hosted systems and while their use is optional, all usage must comply with Western's Computing, Technology & Information Resources Policy and Data Classification Standards.

An accessible version of this table is available here: http://www.wts.uwo.ca/web_conferencing/webinar_tool_comparison


† Simultaneous Hosting describes the ability to host more than one session concurrently on the same account. 

Zoom Webinar

  1. There is a monetary cost attached to each participant increase. This is available as an add-on license for any Western Zoom account. See the Zoom FAQ for more information.
  2. Recordings are downloaded locally to the computer of the user who started the recording.
  3. Authentication is required for Hosts to create and host meetings.

Microsoft Teams Events 

  1. The Presenter must use the Teams Desktop App.
  2. Recordings are available to be downloaded in the Team for 20 days before being automatically removed.
  3. Authentication is required for the Producer and Presenter.

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