Troubleshooting Tips

WTS has provided Wireless How Do I's for the most popular operating systems, however there are a variety of wireless enabled devices that might be able to use WPA/WPA2 but do not use these systems.

To assist those of you who do not find their specific operating system covered in a How Do I..., the basic setup information you for the "eduroam" network is below:

  • Network/SSID: eduroam (you may have to manually type this in)
  • Network Authentication Method: WPA2 or WPA (also sometimes called WPA2-PEAP, WPA2-RADIUS, or WPA2-Enterprise)
  • Data Encryption Method: AES (if WPA2) or TKIP (if WPA)
  • EAP Type: PEAP
  • Authentication Protocol: MS-CHAP-V2

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