Western Challenge Response Policy

The Western challenge response policy is intended to enhance password security and facilitate easy password management.  The policy is intended to enforce answers which are more difficult for the hacker community to crack or decode.  Although you can change the answers yourself, they must adhere to a number of conditions.  Currently these conditions include:

  1. No two questions can have the same answer.
    • Valid: Answer 1: porcupine / Answer 2: construct
    • Invalid: Answer 1: porcupine / Answer 2: porcupine
  2. Answers must contain at least 6 characters.
    • Valid: porcupine
    • Invalid: skunk
  3. Answers must not contain User ID or password.
    • Valid: notuserid
    • Invalid: userid
  4. Answers must not contain left or right angle brackets (<,>).
    • Valid: nobrackets
    • Invalid: no>brackets<

Published on  and maintained in Cascade.