Maintenance News

October 15, 2020

Changes for all Western Zoom meetings and classes coming this Sunday

To better serve our community and the use of Zoom at Western, as of Sunday, October 18, we will be setting the following defaults to some of the optional settings for Zoom meetings. These defaulted settings can be turned on or off by the host (typically, the creator of a meeting), on a per-session basis, for classes or meetings where such interactions are necessary. (Read the full article)

September 21, 2020

Zoom security updates for all Western meetings and classes

On Sunday, September 27, Zoom will be implementing security updates that will affect all Western meetings and classes held on Zoom. Either a passcode or a waiting room will now be required. (Read the full article)

September 14, 2020

Security updates being applied to Zoom meetings

Zoom has announced that beginning September 27, 2020 all meetings will be required to have a Passcode set or a Waiting Room enabled.   If your meeting does not have one or both of these security features set by September 27th, Zoom will apply a Waiting Room to all your meetings. (Read the full article)

June 21, 2020

Cascade Upgraded to v8.15.1

On Sunday, June 21, Cascade was upgraded to the most recent version available, v8.15.1. (Read the full article)

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