Activating Your Western Identity

You may activate your Western Identity online by following the procedure below.  Please select the correct method depending on your relationship with Western.


Students and Student Applicants

What is required for Activation:

Student number
OUAC number
Access code

Obtain Access Code:

  1. You will need your Student Number and OUAC number.  
  2. Then, go to Access Code Retrieval.  

Activate your Western Identity:

  1. You will need your Student Number and Access Code.  
  2. Then, go to Western Identity Manager activation page.

 Student ActivateStudent Activate

Faculty, Staff, and Associated Persons

In order to get your Western User ID and Password if you don't already have it (a confirmation sheet should have been sent to the Directory Coordinator in your department), you will need your Western ID Number.  Then, contact the Computer Accounts Office.

To Sign Acceptable Use Agreement:

To create a new password and answer challenge questions:

Faculty Staff Associated Persons ActivateFaculty / Staff / Associated Persons Activate

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