What is Your Western Identity and How to Get Started

Your Western Identity is your key to central services at Western and consists of your User ID and Password.  Your User ID or Username is a unique name that identifies you as a member of the Western community.  This identity is assigned to you upon application or appointment to Western.  The User ID cannot be changed.

The following information may be needed when activating your Western Identity.


In order to  obtain your Western Access Code.

In order to activate your Western Identity. 

In order to  access the student center.

In order to  access your Western Email

Note that to retain access to email and other Office 365 services you may need to setup MFA.


If you do not know your Employee ID Number

  • Ask your supervisor or department administrator. They may be able to assist you in determining what your employee ID number is
    OR contact Human Resources

Please note that to obtain your employee ID number, you will have to wait until 9am of the day following your appointment or affiliation to be sure it has been recorded in the HR system.

If you do not know your Password

  • You will need to obtain a One Time Password by calling the Computer Accounts Office
  • You will be asked to provide your Employee ID Number and other personal information on file with HR to help verify your identity.

To activate your Western Identity

  • Use the  One Time Password you received and log into Western Identity Manager with your User ID and temporary password.
  • A Duo Supported Device; Mobile phone, tablet, landline or Security Key
  • Complete the activation steps.

To access MyHR

 In order to  access your Western Email


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