How Do I … Configure Office365 for use in Gmail

Step 1 – Forward your UWO email to Gmail

  • Go to and login
  • Click Settings in the top-right corner, click Options
  • Click Forwarding on the left
  • Select "Start forwarding" and "Keep a copy of forwarded messages"
  • Enter your Gmail address in the email address field
  • Click Save

Step 2 – Configure Gmail to send-as your UWO address

  • Go to Gmail and login
  • Click Settings in the top-right corner, click Settings
  • Click Accounts and Import
  • In the "send mail as..." section, look for your UWO email account.  If you see it, click the Delete button
  • Click "Add another email address you own"
  • Enter your name and your UWO email address, select the option Treat as an alias
  • Click Next Step
  • Fill out the following information:
    • SMTP Server:
    • Username: your full email address
    • Password: your UWO password
    • Select "Secured connection using TLS"
    • Click Add Account

If you get an "Authentication Failed" error, try entering your password again.  There is a known issue with Gmail not authenticating properly.  Keep trying your password and it should work for you eventually.

After that, you’ll get a confirmation email from Gmail in your UWO account.  Simply click the confirmation link in that email to finish the setup process.  You should be able to send from Gmail as your UWO account after this.

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