Email Client Compatibility

The following email clients are compatible with your Western email account:

  • Outlook Web App via
  • Outlook 2019 - Windows or Mac
  • Outlook 365 - Windows/Mac
  • Outlook 2016 - Windows or Mac
  • Outlook App - Android or iOS
  • Native Mail App - iOS 11 or later
  • Mac Mail - Mac OS 10.14 or later
  • Thunderbird 77.0b1 and later
  • IMAP Clients that support OAuth2

Setup guides are available at for the email clients that WTS supports.

Earlier versions of any of the above email clients are not compatible with your Western email account and should be updated immediately to a compatible version.



A Linux client is also currently compatible with your Western email account but WTS cannot guarantee how long this client will work because it uses a deprecated Microsoft API:

  • Evolution-EWS-Western
    • App Client ID - 685f4571-3a46-42fd-bed3-cb9a219b1e59
    • Tenant ID - ad93a64d-ad0d-4ecd-b2fd-e53ce15965be
  • Support information -

There are email clients, including open source for desktop clients and mobile apps for android, iOS and blackberry, that are not supported by WTS but may be compatible with your Western email account. If you elect to use one of these clients, look for one that supports ‘modern authentication’ and has the ability to connect to Exchange and then refer to their documentation for assistance in setting it up.

If your preferred email client does not support ‘modern authentication’ (OAuth 2.0), a connection to your Western email account will not be possible.

Need help?

Your Western email is always available at without an email client.  If you are ever having problems with your email client, you can still access your email there until your email client issue is resolved.  

Some users will have to delete and re-add their email account to their device.  This will not delete email from your Western email account. It is just removing and re-adding your email account information to your device. iOS users may receive a "Your account has been blocked" error message if they do not delete and re-add their email accounts.

For assistance with updating your email client, please work with your departmental IT resource or contact the WTS Helpdesk.

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