Password Management - change, check, sync, or reset your password.

Request an Email Alias - find out how to change your Western email address.

Staff/Faculty and Students who have completed an Official Surname Change can request an alternative email address known as an email alias.

Once the name change has been processed you can request an email alias for your Western Identity. An email-alias will allow you to send and receive email at You can submit the request to the Helpdesk through Jira.

Disabled Account - explains the possible reasons why your account was disabled and what you can do to fix it.


One reason that your account will be disabled is if you reply to what is called a phishing email.  A phishing email is a message impersonating the University, designed to trick you into giving up your Western identity (your  user ID and password). When you provided your credentials to this third party, they went into your account and started using it to send out spam.

When WTS determines that your account is sending out spam, your access to all Western services is disabled and a password change is forced on your account to ensure no one has access.

WTS will never send you an email telling you to go to a website and "verify" or "validate" or "upgrade" your account or information.  All official emails WTS sends out will be listed on our website. We also post examples of phishing messages seen on campus.

On this link you can find more information about how to avoid getting phished. If your account has been disabled because you replied to a phishing email, you should read this page carefully to learn more about phishing emails and how to recognize them.

Once you have been told that your account has been re-enabled you will need to reset your password using the directions below. You cannot re-use your old password.


To reset your password, you will need to have your Student Number and PIN Code (4-digit number sometimes referred to as an Access Code). 

  • Go to the Western Identity Manager - Reset My Password
  • Enter your Student Number and 4-digit PIN (Access Code)
  • If your security questions were not previously created, you will have to create them now. Select three questions you are comfortable with, then create a unique answer for each.
  • On the following page, you will be prompted for a new password.

If you do not know your PIN/Access code, you can try retrieving it online by entering your Student Number, four last digits of your SIN (Social Insurance Number) and birthday.

The access code can also be obtained from the Registrar's Office.

Faculty or Staff

To reset your password, please contact the Computer Accounts Office. The password reset process requires a computer with active internet connection, as well as your Western ID / staff number.

Western Account After Graduation - find out what happens to your Western Account after you graduate.

In the months leading up to your graduation, you will begin to receive emails detailing the process of transitioning to an Alumni account. 

This is a general list of Western Services that are maintained after graduation.  If you have any questions, please contact your department or the Helpdesk.

You maintain:

  • Access to your email address
  • Ability to log in to your Student Center to request transcripts, view past grades, etc.
  • Limited Library Account Services (for more specific list of Library Services, please visit Western's Library Alumni page)

Approximately 1 academic term after your graduation you will lose the following Office 365 services:

  • OneDrive, Teams (ALL documents stored within OneDrive MUST be transferred to another location)
  • Access to online Microsoft Office applications.
  • Microsoft Student Advantage (use of Microsoft Office ProPlus on personal devices)
  • OWL
  • Zoom

Change my Preferred/Chosen Name - find out how to change your preferred/chosen name on your WTS identity.


An individual’s “full name” is originally populated by official sources of record, either the Office of the Registrar as a student or Western Human Resources as an employee.

To get the full benefits of a preferred/chosen name change you will need to initiate procedures within Western Human Resources or Office of the Registrar. At present, the preferred/chosen first name is fully supported on the following services:

  • Western ONECard (replacement fee will apply)
  • Greeting on Student Center
  • Class Lists and Grading
  • Display name on Western email (
  • Display name on OWL
  • Display name on Western Directory – HR only

However, we can update your full name to your preferred/chosen name on your WTS identity. Note we cannot change your surname to anything other than what is listed in the official sources of record.

Service Identities in Office 365 - learn about how to manage your Service Identity in Office 365.


This page explains how to use a Service Identity for email and/or calendar.

Getting Started

Select from the following options to be redirected to the relevant How Do I... page.

  1. Select Email Setup Guides if you need more information about how to access your account for email or calendar.
  2. Select Service Identity for Device in Private IP Space if the account is used on e.g. Printers, Multi-Function Devices or as a Mass Mailer.

Send on Behalf of a Mailing List

NOTE: The functionality Send on Behalf of a Mailing List is not supported in Office 365. If you send as another account or mailing list, see the "Send on Behalf of a Mailing List" process below for solutions in Office 365.

If you wish for emails to appear to be Sent As, review and select one of the solutions outlined below...

  1. Replace the Mailing List with a Service Identity
    1. Request a Service Account with the same email address as the Mailing List.
    2. A secondary Service Identity can be used by multiple accounts to send and receive email.
  2. Replace the Mailing List with an Email Alias
    1. All email from will appear to be Sent As
    2. A personal Email Alias can only be used for one account. Contact the Western Technology Services Helpdesk to facilitate the creation of the Email Alias

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