WTS Core Services (Non-Billable)

WTS offers a very wide variety of support services that are provided as part of our core mission at Western:


The WTS Helpdesk provides computing assistance for all faculty, staff, and students. The Helpdesk is the first place to call for troubleshooting, consulting, and WTS service dispatch. They can be reached by phone at ext. 83800 or by submitting a ticket at https://westernu.atlassian.net/servicedesk/customer/portal/2 or you can simply drop in at the counter located right inside the main doors of the Support Services Building.

Instructional Technology Support

WTS provides many services for instructors and students.

The Instructional Technology Resource Centre (ITRC) (https://itrc.uwo.ca/) assists faculty with integrating technology into their instructional offerings.

The General Student Computing Labs or Genlabs(https://wts.uwo.ca/genlabs/) offer a resource for scheduling technology-based classes and labs, as well as being a student drop-in and print resource centre.

Course management software (OWL)(https://owl.uwo.ca) is provided for developing and offering web-based course material.

A variety of other tools for conferencing, news, and practice exams are also supported. See https://wts.uwo.ca/instruct/ for more information.

Web Site Creation & Maintenance

Official Western websites are eligible to be created and maintained in Western's Web Content Management System - Cascade. This centrally funded web based application is available to all Western faculty and staff. No software installation is required and the application can be accessed from any computer with a browser and internet access. More specific information about this application can be found at https://wts.uwo.ca/cascade/ .

Research Support

WTS prepares quotes for grant applications (e.g. ADF, CFI) which require computing services or resources. These services usually include some or all of the following: programming, application hosting, and the purchase cost and set up of computer hardware.

Infrastructure Support

WTS provides support of the main campus backbone cabling and equipment infrastructure (both wired and wireless), which includes usage and security monitoring, maintenance, and upgrades. Usage, maintenance, and security monitoring is provided through the use of software and applications, as outlined below:

  • RAMP software developed by WTS is a sophisticated tool targeted at system administrators, the helpdesk, user services, and network operations. It uses distributed management of centralized databases and services to improve the overall management and security of the campus network. The key feature is the delegation of authority to local administrators to manage and control their assigned views of the network.
  • The Central Western Windows Active Directory houses "userids" in the same format as the Western identity for all Western faculty, staff, and students. This Active Directory provides a central method of authentication and access control to Windows resources.
  • A Windows Server Update Service is provided by WTS. Any corporate or research windows desktop can be configured to automatically receive updates from this service. This offers an effective and quick way to ensure that desktops and Microsoft applications (such as Office) are up to date.
  • WTS also provides antivirus software from Trend Micro for Western desktops and servers that are covered under our license agreement. This agreement was negotiated to include Western University and affiliated University Colleges.
  • Western ROAMS (Remote Office Access Management System) is a client-less Virtual Private Network solution which allows secure remote access to internal Western resources including Desktops, File systems, and Applications based on pre-defined access policies.

Major Server and Services

WTS provides and supports servers and software that offer corporate applications and databases, LDAP directory, IMAP mail, mailing lists, DNS services, and DHCP. The corporate web service provides all official units at Western with 250 MB of disk space and top level entry in the Western web search engine. Additional Web disk space is available for a fee. See the "Billable WTS Services that may be used as needed".

Personal Computing Account with Email, Web, and Calendar

All members of the Western community are provided with a free personal computer account (also known as the Western Identity) which includes email, personal calendar, and web publishing.

Other Services

WTS provides general consulting, documentation, access to software available under centrally funded site license arrangements and other helpful services such as Qualtrics and Cascade.  For more information about WTS services, please visit the web site at wts.uwo.ca.


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