Billable WTS Telecommunication Services

WTS offers both data and voice Telecommunications services.  The Telecommunications team can customize the services provided to fit the client's needs.  Clients may select from the standard services listed below.  The telecommunications team works directly with Faculties and Units to engineer solutions that best suit the client's needs.

Installation and Setup of Voice and Data Communication Lines


WTS can organize the installation of telephone or data communications line at the location of the customer's choice.  This is the first step in delivering a new voice or data communications service.  The client typically will also need to select the appropriate line usage type (see section #2 for data line services and section #3 for voice line services available) and, for phone services, the Telephone Set type required (see #4).


The cost of the line depends on type (voice or data) and whether or not an existing cable is present and can be used to address the client's need.  Each line is tested, connected appropriately, and activated within the appropriate control systems.  The pricing options are outlined below*:

Up to five (5) lines:

Flat Rate Service Fee Internal Affiliate
Cable Installation (cable present) $120/install $128/install
Cable Installation (cable not present) $365/install $378/install

For installations requiring more than five lines, please contact the Helpdesk to request a quotation based on your specific requirements.

*NOTE: Any cable installs requiring special handling due to asbestos in a building will be charged at a Time & Materials rate.  If an install falls into this category, the customer will be contacted by a member of our Infrastructure team with an estimated price for the specific install.

Terms and Conditions

WTS warrants the lifetime operation of voice and data communications lines that are installed.  WTS maintains and repairs the University's cabling infrastructure and any future problems with installed lines are repaired at no additional expense to the customer.  WTS reserves the right to charge installations of wire as time and materials when deemed necessary.

Data Communications Line Usage Service

Serial Data Lines


Data communication lines (Cat 5 wiring) may be installed for a variety of needs such as CHUBB security and cash registers.


  • Internal and Affiliate:
    • Data Lines connecting two points within a single building     $3.00 / month
    • Data Lines connecting two points across multiple buildings   $6.00 / month

Dark Fibre Optic Communications Lines


For extremely high capacity telecommunications services, fibre optic cable can be installed and maintained. 


  • All customers: $3.00 / meter / year

Telephone Line Usage Services and Features

Once the basic line is installed and connected, customers pay for their use of the telecommunications services, as they use them, according to the type of service provided.  The functionality of the phone service itself is described as "Line Usage Services and Features".  Some functionality and other requirements could drive the need for a different types of "Telephone Set" hardware.  The Telephone Line usage features are listed below and the Telephone set options are listed in the next accordion.

Standard Telephone Line Service


Western University has a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) infrastructure designed to accommodate continued growth within the campus.  A standard telephone line includes local calling services and the provision of standard voicemail.


  • Internal:  $25.00 / month / line
  • Affiliate:  $30.00 / month / line

Analog Telephone Line Service


Analog lines may be required to support telephone service connectivity for specialized equipment (e.g. fax machines, modems, etc.).  Voice mail is not included in the standard Analog telephone line service, but can be added if needed (see below).  Analog lines may also be "extended" to a second location which shares the telephone line services.  Normal installation and setup charges and Telephone Set option charges apply, but the line usage fees are available on the second phone extension at a reduced rate.


  • Internal:  $27.00 / month / line; Analog Extension: $6.00 / month / extension
  • Affiliate:  $32.00 / month / line; Analog Extension: $6.00 / month / extension*

NOTE: * Due to the cost of additional equipment required to service off-site locations, Affiliate Pricing will apply to units located outside the main campus.

Direct In Dialing (DID) Phone Number


  • For direct access from an off campus phone:  $6.00 / month


Six (6) person conferencing feature is included in basic phone set.  See details on how to use this feature at Phone Features.


Any long distance calls dialed out as part of a conference call will be charged at the standard long distance rates.

For information on other possible commercial audio conference services, please see the information at Audio Conferencing.

Virtual Line Service

A virtual Line Service is a telephone number without a directly associated telephone line. Only numbers that are part of Western call centers can be programmed to forward incoming calls to other extension. 


  • $5.00 / month / line

Telephone Set Options


WTS offers several telephone set options each with a variety of features.


Below are the monthly fees for the various sets and available options:

Phone Set Internal Pricing Affiliate Pricing*
Single Extension $2.75 / month $3.50 / month
Multiple Extension $20.00 / month $20.00 / month
Add on module $30.00 / month $30.00 / month
* Due to the cost of additional equipment required to service this off-site locations, Affiliate Pricing will apply to units located outside the main campus.

Long Distance Rates


WTS negotiates favourable corporate long distance rates from the available service carriers at a cost effective and competitive rate for the University.


For long distance call from Western:

  • The costs for calls within Canada and the United States is $0.06 per minute plus tax
  • For the cost of International calls, current rates are available on the web at Long Distance Rates.

Other Telecommunications Services


WTS offers specialized services to deal with a variety of customer needs.  As WTS begins to take advantage of the new technology made possible by the new switch and software we have purchased, there will be more services made available to help with your business needs.

Enhanced Voicemail Applications

WTS offers menus (call handlers) and auto attendants which provide the ability for a caller to make the selection among several choices to help direct their call.  The process is designed by the customer, "Press 1 for ..., Press 2 for ...".  This service is associated with a particular phone number.


  • Internal and Affiliate:  $2.50 / month, for each voicemail box used.

Call Center Technology

A call centre queue can be set up that forwards calls coming in to one number to several different phone sets based on programmable rules.  This is used in a Call Center or Support Centre environment where there is a need for multiple phones to deal with the call load.


Please contact the Helpdesk for information on this service.

Paging Interface

WTS can set up a paging interface and connect one or more phones to this interface so that the phone may be used to broadcast a message in a large area.


The paging interface costs $27.00 / month and each phone connected to the interface costs $1.00 / month.

External Phone Ringers

If you need the sound of the phone ringing to be heard in a different location (for example: the lab next door).


There is a fee of $140.00 for the modified telephone set and external ringer as well as a labour cost at the "Time and Materials" rate for the installation.  There is an ongoing $2.00 / month fee for the use and maintenance of this service.

Consulting and Training

To meet the telephony needs of a diverse Western community, we provide technical assistance, consulting, design, and training for all voice applications.  This includes re-design of your existing telephones to accommodate changes caused by renovations and/or reorganization.

An in-house designer is available to provide you with the following applications to enhance your business.

Time of Day Applications

Move calls automatically from one destination to another destination based on time of day, and/or day of week, and/or date of year.


Automated Attendants, Menu Mailboxes

Call Center Technology

Call queuing applications for call centers

Call Centre Services

Skills based routing, comprehensive reporting and flexible call handling for call centres.  


An in-house trainer is available to provide individual or group training on all voice applications.  These "hands-on" training sessions are conducted at the end-user's workplace or in a lab-setting environment for group sessions.

Training sessions, customized to meet your special needs, are available for:

  1. Telephone features
  2. Voicemail features - personal mailboxes, menu mailboxes
  3. Call Centre-Agent telephone feature training including terminology and effects on the call centre
  4. Call Centre-Supervisor - Real-time display training session
  5. Call Centre-Supervisor - Reports training session including creation, use and interpretation


Call Centre design is charged at $75.00 per hour.  Pricing for all other design work and all training is:

  • Internal:  $80.00 per hour
  • Affiliate:  $85.00 per hour

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