General Information

Before your Zoom session starts:

  • Make sure that you can log in and run the Zoom application 
  • Review our Security Tips
  • Make sure your Internet connection is stable (wired connection is preferred when possible)
  • Test your Microphone and Speaker
  • Connect to only one audio source to avoid bad audio feedback
  • Communicate expectations and any meeting instructions in your meeting invitation, for example:
    • All participants will be muted during the meeting
    • If you have any questions or comments during the meeting, use the in-meeting chat
    • Presenters should speak close to the microphone so remote participants can hear
  • Have the content and applications prepared for sharing before the meeting
    • Practice before the meeting to get familiar with sharing your screen and confirm your audio and video work
  • Establish and follow rules for etiquette, for example:

During your Zoom session:

  • Make sure all participants are muted when they join the meeting and unmute participants as necessary
  • Mute your microphone if you are not speaking
  • When you have your video on, look at the camera instead of your screen
  • If your meeting is being recorded make participants aware
    • Announce you will be starting the Zoom recording when most or all of your participants are in the meeting
    • Only a host can record a meeting (or grant the ability for a participant to record), however, be aware that others can record their screen using a cell phone or screen capture software on their computer, for example

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