Virtual Conferencing

Two virtual conferencing tools are centrally supported by Western: Zoom and Microsoft Teams. Please refer to the Virtual Conferencing Comparison Table for more information.

All CTG-managed classroom PCs are equipped with a camera and microphone which integrate with both of Western's supported virtual conferencing applications. Please be aware that a/v systems have integrated the A/V Camera and Wireless Microphone with virtual conferencing tools that are hosted on the classroom PC. It is recommended that presenters utilize this arrangement for the best results.

These virtual conferencing applications use the wireless lavalier microphone as the default audio device to capture the presenter's voice. The A/V camera is the default video device used to capture a live image of the presenter and / or presentation content.

Audio Support

High-quality audio is a priority in the delivery of a successful virtual conferencing session. In support of this please review the following information about audio in G.U. Classrooms.

Wireless Presenter Microphone

The wireless presenter microphone in G.U. Classrooms is integrated with the classroom PC so it will automatically be selected as the local audio source by the virtual conferencing tool. In your session simply unmute the wireless instructor mic in the virtual conferencing tool

Correct microphone placement is important to help ensure that the presenter's voice is clearly captured for the remote participants and, where applicable, a recording of the lecture or event.

Check out the Wireless Microphones support page for more information about lavalier microphone placement.

Plug & Play Microphones

Presenters are welcome to connect their own USB microphones to the Classroom PC. However, it will be up to you, as the presenter, to ensure that audio levels have been tested/verified in whichever application you are using on the classroom PC.

Note: an external USB microphone may not automatically be selected as the default audio source on the classroom PC. The presenter should be prepared to make some adjustments in the virtual conferencing software so that their USB microphone will be prioritized as the audio source for their session.

Additional Microphone(s)

CTG provisions, and supports existing microphones that are natively integrated with CTG-managed a/v systems. While all A/V Systems installed in G.U. Classrooms typically feature at least one microphone, presenters are responsible for supplying any additional microphones that they may wish to use in their lecture, or event.

For information about connecting your own device(s) to a/v systems in G.U. spaces please reach out to us at the CTG Service Desk well in advance of your presentation, or event.

Video Camera Support

CTG-managed classroom PCs are equipped with an A/V Camera support virtual conferencing tools

Presenters are welcome to use a personal, USB webcam may instead be connected to the classroom PC to support virtual conferencing.

Note: an external USB Camera may not automatically be selected as the default video source on the classroom PC if the room already has an active camera. The presenter should be prepared to make some adjustments in the virtual conferencing software so that their USB camera will be prioritized as the video source for their session