Legacy Technology

Legacy technologies, applications and services associated with audio-visual support in G.U. spaces are described below.

Although certain legacy technologies may be present in existing General University (G.U.) spaces this shall not guarantee their continued maintenance, or availability.

New, and modernized CTG-managed audio visual systems shall not feature any of the following legacy technologies that may have formerly been supported:


Analog media recording, and playback equipment.

Tape-based, and freestanding optical disc equipment

UHF wireless systems with operating frequencies greater than 614 MHz.


Analog equipment; media; formats (RGB, VGA, Composite, 4:3 aspect video, etc.)

Tape-based, and freestanding optical disc equipment


Transparency projectors. (Assistance is available upon special request)

Filmstrip, channel-load, and slide-projection equipment.

Portable projectors, screens, flipcharts, easels.

Terms of Reference

Legacy Technology refers to any equipment, application, audio-visual, or IT-based service that is no longer supported, or actively provided for end-users.

Ongoing technical development, evolving industry standards, market availability, compatibility issues, (etc.) can sometimes affect the continued provision, and maintenance of existing equipment, applications, or services.

The term ‘legacy’ shall apply to the foregoing if any of the following conditions are met:

a) It is a risk to information security, or adversely impacts Western’s network;

b) Mainstream commercial production of the technology, or its essential components is discontinued;

c) Cost-effective procurement, and/or regular support through normal processes and established, authorized commercial channels is not sustainable;

d) It is inconsistent with prevailing technology, infrastructure, or resources.

Audio-Visual systems in General University (G.U.) spaces integrate various, complex technologies which are managed by WTS’ Classroom Technology Group (CTG).

CTG endeavors to provide systems which comprise well-supported, professional equipment that is intended for secure, commercial environments (in contrast with ‘point-source’ items that are typically suited for home, or office use).

Some legacy technologies could remain in-place provided they continue to function as intended without support, or until upgrades are initiated. This circumstance does not guarantee persistent maintenance, or availability.

New, and modernized CTG-managed audio visual systems shall not feature legacy technology.

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