Classroom computers currently support iClicker Cloud

What are Clickers?

A “Clicker” is an audience response system that allows students to answer electronically-polled questions in real time. Clickers are typically sanctioned for use in classrooms to aid in the delivery of Registrar-Timetabled courses.
iClicker Cloud by iClicker is Western's centrally supported audience response system. The iClicker system uses desktop software for presenting questions, collecting audience responses, and includes virtual and physical clickers.

Looking to integrate the use of Clickers in your lectures and/or presentations?

The PressWestern project facilitates the implementation of, and assistance with Western’s centrally-supported audience response system. PressWestern provides information and support for clickers to students, instructors, and administration. PressWestern:

The iClicker Cloud application is installed, and is available on all classroom computers that are managed by CTG. The iClicker application can be found as a desktop shortcut, or by searching within the PC's "Start" menu.

Please note: CTG does not provide administrative, or operational support for audience response systems.

How to use iClicker:

General information on how to use iClicker is available through PressWestern:

Best Practice:

General recommendations for Students/audience members:


The PressWestern project has put together a list of common questions about iClicker, and have provided answers and/or solutions here:

Further Support:

Any additional questions or concerns with clickers should be directed to:

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