Cables and Adapters

The use of adapters is not recommended. Inconstant interoperability issues can arise between consumer equipment and commercial a/v systems that may not be identified or resolved.

CTG provides certain a/v extension cables that connect with compatible a/v systems in General University classrooms.

Analog Video Cable

VGA Cable - used to connect a user-furnished laptop (where supported).

Analog Audio Cable

3.5mm Cable – used to connect a stereo analog, audio device (where supported). A standard, 3-pole, 3.5mm, male-to-male audio cable can hook up a dedicated analog audio device, or to carry presentation audio in tandem with a VGA connection from a laptop.

Network Cable

RJ45 Patch Cable – used to connect a device to the public network port that is available at the a/v enclosure in General University Classrooms.

Note: If you cannot find a cable where it is normally provided with a compatible a/v system, please contact the CTG Helpline at ext. 82222 or through the Service Desk.

HDMI; USB Cables

CTG does not provision HDMI, USB cables, or adapters. Ensuring ongoing, consistent availability and reliable performance cannot be reasonably sustained at an enterprise scale.

Presenters are encouraged to:

  • Provide their own known, working cables to connect their portable device, or;
  • Use the Solstice service to wirelessly connect their device to the a/v system:


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