Control Systems

The a/v control interface in G.U. classrooms provides the end-user the ability to power on or off the a/v system; adjust audio levels, enables routing, and control over video content.

Additionally, the end-user may physically connect their own device to the system through various input jacks found on the a/v control interface, including:

  • VGA (Laptop)
  • HDMI Input
  • 3.5mm Analog Audio Input
  • RCA Analog Audio (Record Output)
  • Ethernet port for hardwired access to the UWO network

Note: Not all locations support both VGA and HDMI connectivity. Some installations will only feature VGA while other may only offer HDMI input jacks. Please confirm that the a/v system can support your needs prior to first use.

Every CTG-managed a/v system will have (1) of (4) different types of a/v control interface:

Crestron – Touch Screen

Screenshot of Crestron Control interface

Crestron – Touch Screen with Image Preview

Screenshot of Crestron (with Image Preview) Control interface

Extron MLC226 – Push Button – multi row

Screenshot of Extron MLC226 Control interface

Extron 5ip – Push Button - single row

Screenshot of Extron 5IP Control interface

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