Microsoft Campus Agreement


Microsoft Campus Agreement

Microsoft products can be installed on equipment owned by Western or the Affiliate University Colleges participating in the Microsoft Campus Agreement.  For the Western Microsoft Campus Agreement, this would include:

  • Western University
  • Huron University College
  • King's University College (under a separate KUC Campus Agreement)

University owned equipment is defined as computers purchased through the finance systems of the participating organizations and owned by them. Examples include:

  • computers purchased directly by the organization or department of an organization
  • computers purchased under the Professional Expense Reimbursement program at Western
  • computers purchased with Research funds managed by the participating organizations

New Systems

Western's preferred vendors for desktop computer hardware (listed below) have confirmed ability to accommodate installation of Western Microsoft Campus Agreement software.

  • Compudata Systems
  • Dell Canada
  • Stronghold Services Corporation

Please indicate that Campus Agreement software should be installed when an order is placed.


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