Phone Features

Call Forwarding

Forward from a campus extension to another extension or to a local phone number.


  1. Press the CFwdALL softkey
  2. Enter the extension or local phone number

Remove the forwarding by pressing the CFwdALL softkey.

Note: You're only able to forward your first line.  Contact the Helpdesk to forward your other lines.

Call Hold

Place an active call on hold using the Hold softkey.  Resume the call using the Resume softkey.

Call History

This feature allows you check logs for missed, received and placed calls. You can call individuals back directly while viewing this information.

Call Transfer

Transfer an active call to an on-campus extension or local phone number.


  1. Press the Transfer softkey
  2. Enter the five-digit extension or the local phone where you'd like the call to be transferred to
  3. Press Transfer again to transfer the call

Conference Calling

Host a conference call with up to six participants directly from your Cisco phone.


  1. During an active phone call, press the More softkey
  2. Press Confrn.  This will put the current call on hold and you'll hear a dial tone
  3. Dial the next participant's number
  4. Once connected, press Confrn again to merge all the calls

Repeat the steps to add the next caller.

The conference call does not end until everyone hangs up from the call.  This means that the person who starts and "builds" the conference call can hang up and the conference call can continue until everyone else hangs up.

Long Distance

Place long distance calls, including international calls, from your campus phone.  Western's long distance rates can be found here.

Long Distance Authorization Codes (LDAC)

Long Distance Authorization Codes (LDAC) allows long distance phone calls to be placed from any campus phone and have the long distance fees to be billed to a specific speedcode.  Contact the Telephone Coordinator for your department to obtain a LDAC.

To Use your LDAC number

  1. Dial #80
  2. Enter your LDAC number, for example 123456
  3. Dial 9 to get an outside line
  4. Dial the phone number for:
    1. local long distance, 1-519-661-2111 or
    2. international calls, UK for example 011-44-1111-222-333


  1. Dial #80
  2. Dial 9 to get an outside line
  3. Dial the phone number (2 tones - these are very, very fast)
  4. Dial LDAC (after about a 7-10 second wait time for the call to process, you should then hear ringing)
  5. For example: #80 9-1-416-555-9999 123456

Speaker Phone

The speaker phone is a standard option on all VoIP phones allowing you to remain hands free when taking calls.

Ring Tones

Individuals can personalize their ring tone and chose from approximately thirty different options.

Soft Keys

Quite possibly the best feature of the new VoIP phones is the use of soft keys. The functionality of the phone is not limited to the number of buttons, key functionality changes based on the current task that you are performing. Therefore it is important to reference you phone screen.


Campus telephones include voicemail by default however it can be disabled upon request.  Visit our Voicemail page for more information.  

Voicemail to Email

Forward your voicemail messages to your email.  You’ll receive an email with an audio attachment when you’re left a voicemail message. Visit our Voicemail to Email page for more information.

Voicemail Message Waiting Indicator

The Message Waiting Indicator (WMI) indicates when you have a voicemail new message.  The message waiting indicator includes the red light on the handset as well as the audible indicator.

Note: The feature may be disabled if you have Voicemail to Email Forwarding enabled.

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