PHIPA and Zoom

The question of using Zoom for health-related provision of services and/or the conducting of research along these lines has come up repeatedly by members of our community.  Specifically, the use of Zoom and its stance with respect to  PHIPA (Personal Health Information Protection Act) is the question. Zoom is a US-based company and is not PHIPA-compliant. Zoom does state that they comply with the regulations of PHIPA, but since there is no road to achieve a certification, they cannot claim to be compliant specifically. There is a health-related certification in the US that does assert Zoom as HIPAA-compliant and while it is a close corollary, it is obviously not a perfect match for the Ontario context. 

There is a recognition that Western service and research areas need to provide their services to the community (at Western and beyond) especially at this time.  Sometimes, the provision of these services is best served through a visual medium. It is strongly recommended that services and researchers who need to pursue this line of provision contact the Western Privacy Office ( for more information and guidance.

For more information please visit: Zoom privacy statement for Canadian customers – Zoom and PIPEDA/PHIPA Compliance

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