Security and Zoom

Zoom has undergone a technology risk assessment and has had its contract and security components inspected under our typical due diligence.  It has been found that the Zoom platform is adequate in terms of encrypting data in transit.  The use of our Western credentials to access this service is handled in such a way that Zoom does not maintain a registry of our usernames and passwords.

Bear in mind that with most Zoom meetings,  as long as an individual (within Western or outside) is provided a link to the session, they will be able to get in. This is something to keep in mind at a process level - be mindful of who is needed at the meeting and the content that will be shared within.

There have been reports of something called "Zoombombing" happening in other uses of Zoom. This practice is related to someone gaining entry to a session and hijacking the meeting with malicious videos and/or audio/chat content. Typically, this practice happens when a large gathering is happening where the host may not have a full grasp on who is in the meeting. Some tips here would be to set the video/audio to be off for the participants, and watching for participants that need to be removed from the session completely. In these cases, the participant has gotten a hold of the link to the session and is entering as if a regular attendee and then will try to engage in inappropriate behaviour while there.

For more information, please visit: Zoom Security Information –

For Secutity Tips please check our Best Practices pages.

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