Zoom Whiteboard is an expandable digital canvas where virtual meeting participants can brainstorm and collaborate. 

Zoom Whiteboard provides a unified space where on-site and hybrid teams can visually structure their ideas with dynamic tools including shapes, connectors, images, sticky notes, messages, and more. 

Zoom Whiteboard can be created and shared using the desktop client (in-meeting or out-of meeting) and the Zoom web portal. Whiteboard collaborators have access to a wide variety of controls and sharing options to help make working together easier. Users can also manage whiteboards they have created, or that have been shared with them, from the desktop client and the web portal. 


Getting started with Zoom Whiteboard

Zoom Whiteboard User Guide

Zoom Whiteboard Features

NOTE: Whiteboards that have not been opened in 60 days will be moved to Trash. Whiteboard(s) will stay in Trash for an additional 30 days before being deleted permanently.

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