Renewing a Service Identity


Using Western Identity Manager any contact can renew a Service Identity. The steps are described below.


  1. Log in to Western Identity Manager using your personal credentials (NOT the Service Identity).
  2. Select the Service Identities tab.
  3. Select the Search tab.
  4. Find the account(s) by searching by User ID, Life Cycle, and/or select an Expiration Date. To list all your accounts just click the Search button. 
  5. Place a check mark beside each of the accounts you would like to renew and select the Renew button from the bottom.
  6. Select a new expiration date from the date picker and click Renew. NOTE: The new date can be a maximum of one year.
  7. A results page will display each User ID selected for renewal with the new expiration date.

We recommend that the password be changed annually as part of renewal or whenever someone who had access to the SI credentials leaves the team, department or university.  Don't forget to remove their device from MFA prompt too.

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